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Home Inspection Services

Home Inspection company built on transparency, commitment and service.

Home Inspection Services

Home Inspection services at the most reasonable cost.

Home Inspection Services

Comprehensive Inspection Report provided on the same day.

This House was listed for 1.5 Million Dollars.

Best Home Inspection Services in Edmonton.

This House was listed for 1.5 Million Dollars.

Over 5000 sqft in total floor area.

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Welcome to Our Home Inspection Service

Our service priority is based on Transparency, Integrity and Professionalism.

  • Solutions for all types of home inspections.

  • Solutions for all types of home inspections.

One of the best Home Inspection Services in Canada.

As a Certified Home Inspector and the owner of the business, my top most priority is customer satisfaction. My inspection are done strictly as per the latest Canadian Home Inspection Standards. I like my clients to be a part of the inspection process and to actively engage with them if they have any questions. I try to make my inspection report as descriptive as possible, so that client is able to understand the defects and short comings identified by me in the course of my inspection.

Andre Peter

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We are an Alberta based Home Inspection company , which provides Albertans with the best home inspection services at the most reasonable cost.

We provide different types of home inspection services which are listed below.

  • Pre-Purchase Inspection

  • Pre-Listing Inspection

  • New Houses Inspection - 11 Month Warranty Inspection

  • Annual Home Inspection

  • Infrared Thermal Imaging

  • Asbestos verification

HVAC Systems :

The HVAC systems in a house comprises of the Furnace , Ventilation system and Air Conditioning system. All these systems are very crucial for living and as such they need to be thoroughly inspected for any defects and life expectancy.

  • Furnace Systems.

  • Air Conditioning System.

  • Ventilation Systems.

  • Heat Recovery Ventilator - HRV Systems.

Plumbing System :

The plumbing system of the house is one of the most important system in a house. What we focus on is the type of plumbing system, the type of supply and service pipes used, leaks and damages. The sewage system and the flow of water through the sewage system.

  • Inspection of the main water supply inlet pipe and water meter.

  • Inspection of all water supply pipes.

  • Inspection of all sewage pipes and cleanout vents.

  • Inspection and testing of Sump Pump and inspection of the sewage Backflow Valve.

The skylights and Exterior Roofing System.

The skylight is a part of the exterior roofing system and needs to be inspected for any leaks and surface damage.

  • Inspection of Roof Shingles, flashings, chimney , skylights etc.

  • Inspection of Wall Sidings, Concrete foundation Wall, Concrete Walkways, Concrete Driveways etc.

  • Inspection of all Exterior Doors, Windows, Porches , Decks, Fences , Patio etc.

  • Inspection of Garage, Vehicle Door, Man Door etc.

Hot Water Tank

The supply of hot water in the house could be through a conventional hot water tank or a tankless system. These system are inspected for leaks, surface damage, existing life and whether they are functioning properly.

  • Inspection of Hot water Tank.

  • Inspection of Hot Water Supply Pipes.

  • Faucets.

  • Hot Water Radiant Heating systems.

Electrical System

The electrical system is another important system of a house. Most of the house fires are caused by faulty electrical system. Our inspector always opens the main panel cover to inspect the interior of the panel. What we are looking for the type and size of wires used, any signs of overheating, double tapping and […]

  • Exterior Service Meter and Service Drop Inspection.

  • Main Electric Panel and Sub Panel Inspection.

  • Inspection of Receptacles, Switches, lights etc.

  • Inspection of Smoke and Carbon Mono Oxide Detectors.

Inspection of Attic and Insulation

We inspect the attic for any leaks and defects in the roof structure. We check the attic insulation to identify the type of insulation, to make sure there is sufficient quantity of insulation as per the code requirement and to make sure there are no voids or moisture damage.

  • Inspection of Roof Structure.

  • Inspection of Attic Insulation.

  • Inspection of the Hatch Door.

  • Inspection of the attic ventilation system.

Importance Of Home Inspection

Why you choose Exterior & Interior Home Inspection Inc for your home inspection.

At Exterior & Interior Home Inspections Inc , top priority is our customers satisfaction, in additions to providing the best possible home inspection service, we like to be a part of the customers home buying experience and answer any questions they may have even after the home inspection is done.

  • Our Home Inspector Andre Peters , in additions to being Certified in Alberta, he is an active member of the Canadian Home Inspectors Association.

  • Our Inspector attends regular training programs conducted by CAHPI, in order to be up to date with the changes in the home inspection industry.

  • We are not time bound in our inspections , we try to devote the maximum time at the inspection site, to make sure a complete job is done.

  • Our motto is Service, Excellence & Professionalism.

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