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Pre- Purchase, Pre - Listing , Newly Built Houses - 11 Month Warranty Inspection, Annual Inspections, Infrared Thermal Imaging, Radon Testing, Asbestos & Mold identification and testing.

HVAC Systems :

The HVAC systems in a house comprises of the Furnace , Ventilation system and Air Conditioning system. All these systems are very crucial for living and as such they need to be thoroughly inspected for any defects and life expectancy.

Plumbing System :

The plumbing system of the house is one of the most important system in a house. What we focus on is the type of plumbing system, the type of supply and service pipes used, leaks and damages. The sewage system and the flow of water through the sewage system.

The skylights and Exterior Roofing System.

The skylight is a part of the exterior roofing system and needs to be inspected for any leaks and surface damage.

Hot Water Tank

The supply of hot water in the house could be through a conventional hot water tank or a tankless system. These system are inspected for leaks, surface damage, existing life and whether they are functioning properly.

Electrical System

The electrical system is another important system of a house. Most of the house fires are caused by faulty electrical system. Our inspector always opens the main panel cover to inspect the interior of the panel. What we are looking for the type and size of wires used, any signs of overheating, double tapping and […]

Inspection of Attic and Insulation

We inspect the attic for any leaks and defects in the roof structure. We check the attic insulation to identify the type of insulation, to make sure there is sufficient quantity of insulation as per the code requirement and to make sure there are no voids or moisture damage.

Customer Service is Our First Priority.

We understand that buying their first house can be a overwhelming experience for anyone, as a home inspector I try to explain to my clients my various findings during the inspection, so that they can understand the various defects and short coming identified during my inspection so that they can take most appropriate decision.

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